First tree in our installment of Utility Safe Trees an introduction by J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, Boring, Oregon. Zelkova serrata ‘Schmidtlow’ commonly referred by its registered name Wireless Zelkova ®. This introduction was a seedling grown Zelkova serrata showing variation in form.

Selected for its low height and broad spreading shape it is hardy to Zone 5 this has a mature height of 24 feet and a spread of 35 feet. Medium green foliage from spring to summer then turning a red fall color. According to Keith Warren, Director of Product Development at J. Frank Schmidt Nursery, the Wireless Zelkova has the best fall color of any Zelkova.

Zelkova as a species is a rather adaptable. Easily transplanted or grown in a container, displaying fairly good resistance to disease, pests and pollution and ability to grow in varied locations such as lawn, street and even parking lot planters makes Zelkova a great choice.