I received my first pair of Felco F2’s as a gift while in college. Fourteen years later I still use the same pair regularly. While I have tried many makes and designs of hand pruners over the years, I always return to my trusty F2’s. Despite its higher cost over its cheaper counterparts I believe the Felco 2’s are worth the investment. Precision cutting, smooth action and replaceable parts make this the standard hand pruner in the industry. There are several companies that offer knock-off’s and attempt to replicate the signature look of the Felco F2’s, including the red plastic coating that is applied to the handles.

The handles are solid-forged metal alloy complemented with a hardened cutting blade (replaceable) and a lower blade with sap groove. A rubber cushion and shock absorber provide smooth working and soft closing. Swiss made, these pruners offer a rock solid design and construction that hasn’t changed in 50 years.

Regular maintenance will help these pruners perform at their best. After each use I recommend a quick cleaning, grab yourself a rag and wipe all the surfaces clean of any debris and moisture. After cleaning, a light application of lubricating oil will help protect the cutting surfaces from moisture and rust.

Key to a great pruning job is well sharpened blades. Sharpening will ensure that the tool cuts well, lessening fatigue in the hands and making nice clean cuts. Every so often I will dismantle the pruners and clean any mating surfaces and also apply a light amount of oil to keep things moving smoothly.

Length is 8½” (21.5cm) and the weight is 8.5-oz (240 g). Get your own pair here at Amazon.com: Felco Classic Manual Hand Pruner #F-2

I would also recommend you checking out Felco’s other products. Including all the available replacement parts including blades, springs and hardware.

You can also buy them from Gardener’s Supply here.