Here are some helpful safety tips to keep in mind when working outdoors near power lines.

  • Assume all overhead and buried lines are energized or carrying electricity.
  • Never touch any line hanging from a power pole or laying on the ground, or anything it is touching. Keep others away and call the electric utility.
  • Do not attempt to remove branches or trees that have fallen on the lines. Call the local electric utility.
  • Look Up! Locate power lines before climbing a ladder, trimming limbs from a tree, or climbing on your roof.
  • Do not use aluminum ladders or metal tree pruning equipment near power lines. Electric current can travel through your tools or ladder through you and to the ground.
  • When plans call for digging a hole for planting a tree or dig a trench be sure to call and have your utilities located. Never assume that the utilities are buried deeper than you plan to dig.
  • Remember ” the right tree in the right place.” To avoid future/power line conflicts, plant trees away from power lines or plant trees that will grow less than 25 feet at maturity.
  • When planting trees or shrubs near ground mounted transformers be sure to maintain a 3-foot clearance to the sides and back of the transformer. Equipment inside the box generates heat and needs air circulation to keep cool and run efficiently. Overheating could cause an outage.