Sourwood an exceptional mid-sized tree is also known by less common names as Sorrel Tree as well as the Lily of the Valley tree. A relatively slow growing deciduous specimen reaching eventual heights of 25 to 30 feet and about 20 feet in spread. The sourwood’s habit is a broad pyramid with arching/ drooping branches. Notably dark bark that develops deep furrows with age.

The leaves emerge a shiny green in the spring turning a dark green in the summer. The fall color of these 3 to 8” long leaves vary from yellow to red and even purple, with color variation possible on the same tree. The fragrant white flowers bloom from June into early July and are borne in 5 to 10 inch long panicles covering the whole tree in a quite impressive show. Hardy to zones 5 to 9 this tree is well suited for placement in full to part sun in slightly acidic, moist well drained soils.

With no major pests or diseases to speak of this native of the eastern U.S. is a tree worth considering.