This very attractive deciduous shade tree deserves to be planted more often, growing 40-60 feet high and 30-40 feet in spread. The Silver Linden has a medium growth pattern and is pyramidal in habit in its youth and matures to more of a rounded shape. 

Medium-sized, dark green leaves with white smooth pubescence on the under surface turn yellow in the fall. This native of Europe has smooth grey bark in its youth becoming ridged and furrowed as it ages. 

Performs best in full sun, this shade tree has a moderate water demand. Plant in well-drainded fertile soil. Tolerant to alkaline soils. The silver Linden is not immune to pests, like the rest of the Lindens this tree is susceptible to aphids, leaf miners, scale and mites.  Planting this tree over walkways, parking or other pedestrian surfaces can generate complaints as the honeydew from the aphids make a mess.

Silver Linden is a proven choice for street trees, where overhead utilities are not an issue, as it is superior to other Linden varieties in its drought hardiness.