When to Prune Hibiscus
Hibiscus pruning generally occurs during spring. Hibiscus plants can be lightly pruned in late summer or early fall, take caution to not prune hibiscus in late fall or winter. Late season pruning will affect the amount of new growth, hibiscus bloom on new wood this late pruning will limit blossoms the following spring. Spring should be the only time for complete rejuvenation pruning. Pruning hibiscus plants entirely in the growing season helps promote summer blooming. Branch tips can be pinched, or tip pruned, throughout the season to encourage a more dense growth habit.

Hibiscus Pruning, How To:
Before pruning hibiscus, make sure your pruning shears are sharp and clean. When pruning hibiscus plants, they should be pruned to about a third of their size, leaving at least two to three nodes on the branches for emergence f new growth and subsequent flower blossoms. These cuts should be made just above the nodes, leaving about a quarter inch. Remove any weak, diseased, or dead growth, as well as crossing or leggy branches. To improve overall airflow with in the canopy, branches that are growing toward the center of the plant should also be removed.