Of all the plants that bring memories of childhood for some the lilac is definitely one. Syringa patula ‘Miss Kim’ is a variety of the Manchurian Lilac, native to China and Korea. This hardy (Zone 3) dense variety reaches 6 feet by 6 feet at maturity. The small leaves are a medium green, turning bronze/burgundy in the fall and offer a even texture for this mounding shrub.

Of course one of its striking features are the profuse panicles of flowers the emerge early summer and pink in bud and open up to a pale lavender/blue at maturity, the fragrance is quite strong. The flowers last well into late summer. I personally find the fragrance refreshing, but I know a few that find it a bit overwhelming. With preference to full sun you can’t go wrong with this lilac in any landscape. The compact habit of this shrub lend itself to planting along foundations, as well as a great backbone of a border planting.

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