Hollywood Juniper - source: Flickr user:hortulus

The Hollywood Juniper is a cultivated variety originating in Japan. Hardy to zones 3-9 it is a conifer that grows to a height of 25 feet and 15 feet wide. Regularly chosen for use as a specimen in the landscape. This evergreen conifer has blue-green cones and a combination of juvenile and adult foliage. Once established this selection has great drought tolerance and often suffers if planted in areas that receive too much water. When planted in well drained soils and full sun exposure you can anticipate that this tree will perform well.

Prized for its upward twisting growth habit and its spreading, dense, irregular growth and scale-like vivid green leaves and profuse glaucous berries. This juniper will not tolerate heavy pruning, as it does not produce new growth on old wood. It is best to make sure the site in which it is to be planted is suited to its eventual mature size. Salt tolerant.

Can also be found under the name Juniperus chinensis ‘Torulosa’

Hollywood Juniper - Source Flickr user:hortulus

Images source Flickr user:hortulus