Hedge Maple (Acer campestre) also known commonly as Field Maple is a tree native to much of Europe. It is a deciduous tree reaching 25-35 ft. tall, with finely fissured, often somewhat corky bark. This bushy headed generally low-branched tree is quite variable in habit. The green leaves are arranged in opposite pairs, 2-4” wide, with five blunt, rounded lobes with a smooth margin. Casting dense shade this tree provides a bright yellow fall color display. Hardy to zone 6.The flowers are produced in spring at the same time as the leaves open, yellow-green, in erect clusters 4-6 cm across. The fruit is a samara with two winged seeds 1.25-1.75” long arranged in nearly straight line.

Hedge Maple is adaptable to many soil types. (Alkaline, acidic as well as dry or compacted sites) Not susceptible to air-pollution and urban conditions. Transplants easily. Great for use in a small residential lawn tree, also used as a hedge (hence the name) Note: seeds germinate readily.

*Acer campestre ‘Panacek’ Metro Gold™ Maple – Hardy to zone 6 and 35 feet tall and 20 feet wide, forming an upright oval canopy, brighter yellow fall color and does not seed as readily as the species.

*Acer campestre ‘Evelyn’ Queen Elizabeth™ Maple at 35 feet tall and 30 feet wide this variety is a more compact and upright variety than the species.