Fothergilla ‘Mt. Airy’ is a slow growing small deciduous shrub reaching 5-6’ in height and similar in width. This plant has a spreading habit, angular branching forms a tight knit mound that suckers often forming a larger mass. Blooming in April and lasting for several weeks, the white 1.5-2” long fragrant flowers emerge before the leaves. The rich leathery texture of the dark green, often blue green summer foliage turns bright yellow to scarlet orange in the fall.

Fothergilla in general can tolerate partial shade, but requires moist soil with adequate drainage, performing best in slightly acidic soils.This shrub is a great selection for the urban landscape; generally trouble free in the disease and insect category. Great for use in foundation plantings masses and borders and can be effectively grown in containers. Hardy in Zones 4-8 allows for the wide spread use of what I feel is an under planted shrub.