This rather large multi-stemmed shrub will reach 20-25 feet tall and 15-20 feet in width. With maintenance one can prune the lower branches and train this as a small tree. Its growth rate tends to be rather even, not a very fast grower. Hardy in Zones 4-8 this slender stemmed plant has exfoliating gray brown bark that compliments its medium textured foliage.

The 2-4 inch long leaves are quite dark green and slightly glossy, the fall color is of no real significance, occasionally turning a dark purple but most leaves will fall of the tree green. Yellow flowers remain for about 3 weeks and emerge rather early in the spring. The large oblong 1/2 inch long cherry-red fruit are borne beneath the foliage in July, often used in syrup and preserves not quite so palatable in its raw form.

The rather compact habit of this tree/shrub makes it a great plant for use in limited space situations. It is not a widely available plant, but worth looking for.