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lenticels, cherry bark


(lěn’tĭ-sěl’) Raised pore on the surface of bark, which provides access for air to the inner tissues. image source: wlcutler


A corymb is similar to a panicle with the same branching structure, but with the lower flowers having longer stems, thus creating a flatter top.


The pollen-bearing organ of a flower, each stamen consisting of a filament (stem) and anther which contains the pollen.


pet·i·ole   [pet-ee-ohl] The stalk of a leaf, attaching the blade to the stem. Swiss Chard – Petiole source: eflon (Flickr)

Leaf Scar

The mark left on the twig at the point of attachment of a leaf petiole when the leaf falls. Tree of Heaven (Ailanthus altissima) – Leaf Scar


gla·brous (glā’brəs) Smooth without hairiness or roughness. gla·brous   (glā’brəs) Glabrous. Smooth without hairiness or roughness.


lan·ce·o·late   (lăn’sē-ə-lāt’) lan·ce·o·late   (lăn’sē-ə-lāt’) Lance-shaped, broadest above the base, gradually narrowing to the apex.