Black Mondo Grass (Ophiopogon planiscapus ‘Nigrescens’)

Black Mondo Grass

Black mondo grass is truly one of the closest to black plants you will find. Native to Japan and Korea, this plant is chosen for its linear black leaves that provide great contrast and texture in the perennial garden. Spreading rather slowly by rhizomes, this turf like clump reaches 6″ tall. Light pink flowers are borne on spikes that reach just above the foliage in summer. Care should be given to plant the black mondo grass in moist well drained soils, it will tolerate full sun but performs best in part shade situations. USDA zones 6-9 (snow cover is beneficial in colder climates).

Consider planting in a grouping with lighter colored, as well as variegated foliage. (i.e. hostas, ferns) Works great as an edging plant. You will find cultivars of this plant sold in the nursery trade such as:

Arabicus.’ Each 6-inch-tall mound is composed of 1/4-inch-wide foliage.
Black Knight.’ Variously known in the trade as ‘Ebony Knight,’ ‘Black Night,’ ‘Ebony Night.’ 1 foot wide
Nigrescens.’ Black leaves and white to light pink flowers.

Very little differences separate these cultivars from each other.

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