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Horticulture News: Odd little barklice – Horticulture News: Odd little“Herds” of barklice can be found on tree trunks during the summer. These soft-bodied insects have long antennae and a banded body. Although these insects resemble aphids and are called “lice,” they are not pests or parasites of either plants or animals. from Horticulture – …

Mexican-orange (Choisya ternata)

Mexican-orange is a dense evergreen shrub. Mature height may range from 6-8’ high and just as wide. Not only are the white 1-1.25” flowers fragrant but the green foliage has a distinctive odor. Flowering from May to June and will occasionally bloom for longer periods.

Humbolt Honey – World’s Tallest Maple

[quote]At 157.8 feet, Vaden said he is confident the maple, which he named “Humboldt Honey,” is the tallest in the United States. After networking with other researchers, he also thinks it might be the tallest maple in the world.[/quote] The tall tale of ‘Humboldt Honey’    

How to Properly Mulch Your Trees

A neighbor recently asked me to evaluate his pine trees. Two Austrian Pine trees flank his driveway and one was suffering significant needle loss as compared to the other. Upon investigation I discovered that the failing tree had eight inches of mulch at its base completely covering the root flare …

lenticels, cherry bark


(lěn’tĭ-sěl’) Raised pore on the surface of bark, which provides access for air to the inner tissues. image source: wlcutler

Heuchera ‘Midnight Rose’

Heuchera ‘Midnight Rose’ is a  sport of  Heuchera ‘Obsidian’. This selection has the same deep black-purple leaves as ‘Obsidian’ but with bright pink variegation that emerges in spring. As the season progresses the variegation increases in surface area and then lightens to a pale creamy pink. As with all Heuchera they …

Plant Selection and Site Conditions

Proper selection of a plant for given site conditions is critical. It is more important than your ability to prune, harvest, or mulch. All too often a plant is chosen on its look or size in the nursery. Just because that Colorado Spruce looks great in the pot at the …

Hen and Chicks (Sempervivum)

Perennial. Low growing, (4 to 6in.) spreading, succulents with rosettes of fleshy leaves in shades of crimson and green. Grown for the interesting plant appearance since flowers are inconspicuous. Used primarily in rock gardens and containers. Numerous varieties are propagated primarily by offsets. Easy to grow in full sun. Drought …

Montezuma Pine (Pinus montezumae)

Montezuma Pine, is a species of conifer that is native to Mexico and Central America, where it is commonly known as Ocote. The tree grows about 100 feet high and its canopy can reach 35-40 feet wide; occasionally it may reach a height of 130 feet. Its rounded crown is …