The Amur maple is a deciduous small tree or large shrub hardy to Zones 3-6. Often used in a landscape as a screen or massing plant due to its rather dense, compact habit. Mostly sold in the nursery trade as a multi-stemmed plant it can be trained and maintained as a single stem tree with regular maintenance.

Green leaves emerge rather early in the spring and mature into a dark green color in the summer. Spectacular red-orange fall color. Winged seeds (samara) remain persistent on the tree throughout the winter months providing food for both birds and small mammals.

Performs best in moist soil, and is somewhat drought tolerant in maturity and adaptable to a wide variety of soil types. Plant in full sun to part shade, it has been noted that the brighter fall color appear on trees that have full sun exposure. This tree does grow at a medium to fast rate. Susceptible to verticillium wilt.